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Earth Strata Inc. utilizes state of the art computer software to perform innovative technologic advances to prepare rough grade reports, compaction reports, subgrade testing and density testing.

Percolation Testing, Pile Foundations, Geologic Hazards, Soil Nails, Grading Plans, Subgrade Testing

Earth-Strata is a complete Geotechnical, Environmental, and Materials Testing consulting firm. We test and interpret the engineering properties of the earth's stratigraphic layers (strata) for the purpose of aiding in the design and construction of structures. We provide a broad range of services from project conception through completion. Earth-Strata takes pride in maintaining integrity at all levels of the corporation, which includes the professional development and welfare of our staff.

Good people are the key to becoming successful in the geologic and soils engineering consulting industry. Earth-Strata's staff of highly qualified registered professionals and engineering technicians are some of the best, most experienced people in the business.

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